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    • E-Mese: A Hungarian voice for the Bonn Open Synthesis System 

      Szekely, Eva (2009)
      E-Mese is a Hungarian voice created within BOSS (Bonn Open Synthesis System) for a restricted unlimited domain of children`s literature. The aim of the voice is to study relevant language specific issues of Hungarian ...
    • Reliable normalization in resume information extraction 

      Medema, Jonathan (2008)
      In this thesis the subject of reliable normalization in Information Extraction is discussed, specifically for the normalization of extracted items out of people's resumees. A meta-classifier approach is presented, which ...
    • Semantic Annotations for Automatic Recognition of Textual Entailments 

      Strien, G.C.F. van (2009)
      Recognizing textual entailment (TE) is the task of deciding whether a sentence or a text implies another, e.g. the sentence ‘Ostriches put their heads into the sand to avoid the wind’ entails ‘Ostriches bury their heads ...